More than ever Colleges & Universities are into food literacy, specifically educating students on where their food originates. Here are some of the most recent college & university promotions showcasing how mushrooms are cultivated, demonstrating ideas that students love and generally making mushrooms cool for generations to come. Learn more about Hosting a Successful Demo.


In its continued partnership with the Mushroom Council, USC Hospitality introduced “The Blend” to a larger sample of the Trojan Family in a retail environment during Homecoming, which is typically one of the busiest days of the year.

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Yale Final Cut

Mushrooms, The Secret Ingredient in Yale’s Final Cut Cooking Competition

The Mushroom Council was proud to participate in the 6th Annual Yale University “Final Cut” Culinary Competition. Teams of students from each of the 12 residential colleges battled in an Iron Chef style format, in which they had to prepare an appetizer and main course dish using fresh mushrooms and Atlantic salmon.

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Meat Meets Mushrooms at Texas A&M

Meat Meets Mushrooms at Texas A&M

Students in the Lone Star State soaked in all the knowledge they could about mushrooms while experiencing a cooking demo by Food Network Chef Jehangir Mehta. They sampled chef’s blended mushroom burgers while learning about the many benefits of mushrooms.

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Chef Jehangir Mehta Helps the University of Washington Celebrate Mushroom MAY-nia

The University of Washington Celebrated Mushroom MAY-nia

The University of Washington hosted a week long “Mushroom May-nia” promotion to educate students about the many benefits of mushrooms. Several of the school’s dining halls served a rotating menu of mushroom dishes all week. Mushroom May-nia excitement grew as students were ready to welcome Food Network celebrity Chef, Jehangir Mehta for live cooking demos on how to blend meat with mushrooms for delicious, nutritious, sustainable food.

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California Students Love Mushrooms

California Students Love Mushrooms

University of Southern California, long a leader in college foodservice, dedicated a full week to a major mushroom promotion. Calling it Mushroomrapalooza, USC virtually turned over the entire campus to mushrooms. Starting with a competition among their chefs to see who could cook the best mushroom dish, it culminated with virtually every
dining hall and every retail outlet featuring mushroom dishes.

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University of Northern Texas Mushroom Mania Event

University of North Texas Students Go Crazy for Celebrity Chef Maneet Chauhan

It’s true, college students everywhere love mushrooms. During UNT’s Mushroom Mania festival, The Mushroom Council and Food Network celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan, educated students on mushroom nutrition, sustainability, as well as how mushrooms grow.

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Mushroom Mania at the University of Massachusetts

Mushroom Mania at the University of Massachusetts

One of the pioneers in college dining hosted a week long “Mushroom Mania” promotion to educate students about mushrooms. During the week, Mushroom Mania “toured” campus visiting four of UMass’ popular dining halls. Students ate everything from Portabella “Burgers,” and Jamaican Jerk Mushroom Lettuce Wraps with Papaya Salsa.

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Earth Day is Mushroom Day at Campuses Around the Country

Earth Day is Mushroom Day at Campuses Around the Country

Earth Day is one of the most popular promotional opportunities for colleges and universities. Sustainability is perhaps the number one issue on campus when it comes to food and dining. So it’s not surprising that a number of universities around the country celebrated Earth Day with mushroom promotions.

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Cornell University

Cornell Caps Off Mushroom Day

Mushroom Mania took over Cornell University’s “North Star Dining,” hosting thousands of students ranging from novices to full-fledge fungi fans for an educational tasting event. Students witnessed first hand the incredible versatility of mushrooms and introduced Blendability – a cooking technique in which finely chopped mushrooms are added to ground meat in a recipe to add volume and nutrients (or reduce calories). Students packed the dining hall to receive information about mushrooms, including how they are grown, different varieties and cooking techniques.

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