Flik and Mushrooms E-Cookbook

Flik Independent School Dining’s team of chefs focus on flavor, nutrition and sustainability when developing innovative dining and catering programs for independent school communities across the country. That’s why Flik teamed up with the Mushroom Council to focus on cooking with mushrooms, a food that we’re finding delivers not just delicious umami flavor but also great health benefits.

What better way to showcase the taste, nutrition and sustainability aspects of mushrooms than through a recipe contest? And that’s just what Flik and the Mushroom Council did. We conducted a mushroom recipe contest amongst Flik’s professionally-trained chefs.

Mushrooms on the Menu: A focus on flavor, nutrition and sustainability showcases the 12 finalist recipes from the recipe contest. You’ll see the sophistication of these recipes extends far beyond the school dining room–to foodservice settings serving adults and children alike.