No other food can be used in so many ways, while serving up so much flavor. Fresh mushrooms fit into every daypart, every cuisine and every diet. They not only deliver great, earthy taste because of their umami, but enhanced nutrition as well.

When you think of Mushrooms, think of:
Meathy texture and flavor
Up in consumer demand
Heathy and nutritious
Right for every daypart and cuisine
On the menu year-round
On trend
Meatless, enhances meat and swaps out for meat
Saves money when used to extend or swap out protein

World Cuisine

Champiñones and Hongos: Hidden Treasure of Healthy Hispanic Foods

Mexican-CuisineMushrooms are an authentic part of Mexican and other Hispanic Cuisines. Meatless options are not just a niche target anymore. More and more diners, no matter what cuisine they are enjoying, are turning toward healthier options. Because of the meatiness and umami of mushrooms, they can help make a meatless dish more satisfying as well as combine with meat or seafood to reduce costs, calories and fat, and increase craveability. Learn more about how to incorporate mushrooms into Hispanic menus here.

Asian Menus and Mushrooms

Asian-MenusMushrooms are low in calories and low in fat, but just as important, mushrooms are a great source of umami. This means that mushrooms can be substituted for meat and still provide a satisfying meaty texture. Mushrooms can also be used to reduce your portion size of steak, pork, chicken or seafood and still give guests the flavors they crave and enhanced nutritional profiles. Take a look at these common items on Asian menus. Learn more about incorporating this versatile superfood into Asian menus here.

Mushrooms in Mediterranean cooking

Mediterranean-MenuMushrooms are an authentic part of Mediterranean foods across the region’s diverse cuisines. While the vast geography of the Mediterranean lends itself to a wide range of ingredients, quintessential foods that unify the region’s cuisine include: olive oil, wine, mushrooms, cheese, sea salt, fresh fruits, vegetables, wild herbs, beans and grains. Mushrooms’ earthy, meaty, satisfying and versatile flavor profile complements any Mediterranean dish. Learn how to include meaty mushrooms in Mediterranean menus here.

Mushrooms on Pizzas

Pizza TrendsAccording to Datassential, mushrooms are the #3 most mentioned topping behind onions and tomatoes, but ahead of pepperoni. Fresh mushrooms add sophistication at a lower cost than many other gourmet items. In fact, 99.3% of all restaurants that serve pizza, menu mushrooms.



Shape Up Your Mornings: Enhance Breakfast Menus with Mushrooms

Breakfast-menuThe breakfast daypart is experiencing the most growth and innovation in the foodservice industry, and fresh mushrooms can help enhance the flavor and nutritional profile of the hottest menu trends like ethnic-inspired dishes and breakfast pizzas. Learn how to Shape Up Your Mornings with mushrooms.


Discover the Taste of Nature’s Hidden Treasure

Umami-MenuUmami is the fifth basic taste after sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Derived from the Japanese word umai, meaning “delicious,” umami (pronounced oo-MAH-mee) is described as a savory, brothy, rich or meaty taste sensation. Cured meats, soy sauce, aged cheese and mushrooms are rich in it. Click here to learn more about mushrooms and umami and how to use this natural flavor enhancer on your menu.


Go Meatless With Mushrooms

Meatless-MenuMushrooms make a vegetarian dish a meaty and satisfying meal for vegetarians and flexitarians alike.This presents challenges as well as growing opportunities for foodservice. Food-savvy vegetarian customers expect unique, savory and delicious vegetarian options, rather than a token veggie pasta dish. Mushrooms make a vegetarian dish a meaty and satisfying meal for vegetarians and flexitarians alike.


Valentine’s Day

Valentines-MenuSt. Valentine’s Day, February 14, may be the highest single business day for restaurants, because dining out is one of the best ways for couples to celebrate. While couples are visiting your restaurant, you can display your talent and creativity by menuing one of these great-tasting mushroom dishes.

St. Patrick’s Day

St-Patricks-MenuSt. Patrick’s Day, March 17, will be a busy day for restaurants catering to the celebratory crowd. St. Patrick’s Day, once strictly a religious holiday, is now a popular event when just about everyone dons some green and shares a toast with friends.

Spring is the Season for Brunch

Brunch-MenuSpring is a busy time for restaurants, with Easter and Mother’s Day (the most popular day of the year to dine out) on the horizon. Easter Sunday and Mother’s Day are often celebrated with a family brunch; in fact, 51 percent of those who dine out on Mother’s Day do so at brunch.

*Rose Research. Technomic shows a 12.5% increase in mushrooms in menus since 2005