Mushroom-VarietiesAmericans have found the flavorful, satisfying experience of mushrooms. From their fresh, nutty and woodsy taste and aroma, to their subtle interaction with partner flavors and their delectable texture, mushrooms create a taste sensation that consumers are delighted to discover again and again.

And that’s not all – Americans say mushrooms are a fresh, natural, low-calorie ingredient in the foods they love. They agree that mushrooms are nature’s hidden treasure.

A Wealth of Flavor.

Mushrooms’ incredible versatility makes them a welcome element in appetizers, entrees, soups and more. A quick sauté or a slow simmer draws out mushrooms’ complex flavor and smooth, toothsome texture, melding them with the aroma and essence of companion ingredients, and bringing definition and substance to any dish.

“It’s so rewarding to see our guests respond to umami, the sublime experience that mushrooms bring to our signature dishes. When I see someone’s eyes close briefly as they are eating, or the sauce wiped clean from the plate, that’s when I know I’ve earned a guest that will come back again and again.” — chef alex guarneschelli, butter restaurant, nyc